Best Wooden Engagement Rings

While a wood diamond engagement ring might not exactly seem conventional, it’s getting more and more popular choice for several people. Using the costs of gold and silver being excessive, and the chance of diamonds along with other gemstones originating from conflict areas, a wood diamond engagement ring could be a great choice. It’s inexpensive, and friendlier to society, and it also can later be recycled. The benefits of getting a wood ring are plenty of, plus there are many individuals who simply should you prefer a less formal style, or earthy wooden tones really are a better match for his or her general clothes along with other jewellery. If you choose to make use of a wooden diamond engagement ring, you might want to think about these options:


  1. His and Her Rings

This affordable set is available in a great deal less expensive than traditional gold or platinum bands, but unlike individuals these really stick out in the crowd. Being hand crafted, they’re a lot more personal than something purchase from the shop. Many people such as the romantic aspects of they, as they’re produced from plum wood and crimson heart wood – and getting a diamond ring which comes in the heart is really a lovely idea. The rings are hands polished and guarded, causing them to be durable and powerful. Among the rings is available in a crimson color another is really a natural brown. They are eco-friendly out on another harm the atmosphere whatsoever causing them to be ideal for socially conscious consumers who’re marriage soon. What the majority of the customers who’ve bought the rings all agree with is always that the craftsmanship is actually top quality, and also the sellers provide things to look for.


  1. CoolNaturalJewelry Wooden Ring

In case your style is much more minimal this ring might be for you personally, as there’s still lots of style and personality injected into this superbly made ring. The interior size the ring will come in a size 3 to 16, including half sizes, and when you aren’t sure how big fits your needs you’ll be able to just visit a regular jewellery store for any measurement. That one ring is made of plum wood and crimson heart wood therefore the upper 1 / 2 of the ring is brown, as the lower is crimson, having a blonde stripe in the centre, that is a really awesome and cool design. The ring is polished and nourished, it’s eco-friendly and is available in an attractive gift box, so it’s available. This really is cool, ideal for the atmosphere, along with a bargain for less than $ 40.


  1. Mahogany Ring

Mahogany is among the most breathtaking and desirable types of wood available, that makes it a fantastic choice for any wedding band. Normally, it’s tough to source eco-friendly mahogany, however, this seller offers to respect the atmosphere, so that you can buy this without having to worry concerning the footprint you’re departing in the world. The rounded advantage on this ring causes it to be look particularly good, cheap you are able to engrave within the ring with yours as well as your fiancé’s initials makes this incredibly personal. This ring will come in half size increments, in sizes 3 to 16, so that you can select the perfect fit. Plus, you may also pick the width from the ring too, if you prefer something slimmer or something like that chunky, you are able to make certain you will find the perfect custom ring. This ring is affordable, nevertheless it looks beautiful and like it’s worth a lot more.


  1. Tungsten Carbide Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

This sleek black ring constitutes a statement, even though it might not be for everybody, it may suit women and men. There is a wooden inlay, so much more of an all natural wood shade seems in the center of the ring, while it’s black heavy metal and rock around the outer edges. They are simply as durable like a traditional option, because the tungsten carbide is really more difficult than precious metals used in diamond engagement rings. This ring can also be protected enough to become resistant against scratches and fading. It’s a cool, vintage, ethnic design that’s the perfect option for those who want something quite different. If you are searching for a mix of wood and metal, so you’ve both style and strength, this choice is certainly for you personally.


  1. Tungsten Carbide Diamond Engagement Ring Acacia Wood Inlay

This ring is a very beautiful option, and it is a terrific way to appease your likes if you are keen on vintage rustic design in addition to contemporary elegance. The Tungsten Carbide utilized on this ring is silver, and it is an excellent replacement for gold or platinum because it is tough and powerful in addition to affordable. What this means is the ring is durable, also it won’t fade or show any scratch marks, despite being worn every single day over a long time. You may choose between sizes 5 to 12, including half sizes, and most people who’ve bought and worn the ring are pleased using the thickness, and think about it in keeping with size. Plus, although this looks great, it’s inexpensive, so some make use of this like a travel ring when they shouldn’t risk losing their costly ring during business.


  1. Genuine Koa Wood Tungsten Ring with Abalone Center

You are able to potentially explore your heritage with this particular Hawaiian Koa ring that’s inlaid rich in quality tungsten carbide. The wood and metal give a beautiful contrast in the style of the 6mm width, and it is unsurprising that this can be a popular choice. There is a slight arch within the ring’s profile, that makes it much more comfortable than the others, even though carbide is touch, there is a resin within the design to safeguard the wood, so that you can rely on this ring lasting for many years. This ring is a touch bit pricier compared to previous tungsten carbide options, however it has that abalone inlay. Although some believe that abalone and mother of gem are similar, abalone is actually worth more and lustrous.


  1. Titanium Ring Inlaid with Natural Koa Wood

This lightweight ring is actually stunning and is made of two most breathtaking and classy natural materials – Koa Wood, Titanium, and Abalone Covering. This really is absolutely ideal for anybody who’s were built with a beach wedding and desires a diamond ring to actually reflect on that day, because the abalone covering will invariably help remind you from the waters and also the wood keeps things natural. Plus, by utilizing titanium you can be certain that the diamond engagement ring will long lasting. The truth that natural materials are utilized implies that all these rings are entirely different, with no two are exactly alike, that is great if you would like something really personal.




A wood diamond engagement ring might not be the very first factor you think of when you choose to obtain married, however you will find really benefits that include causeing this to be, and a few really beautiful rings available.

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