Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearls can get a bad rep for being old-fashioned. Simply the mention of pearls and you’re likely imagining a single strand worn by your grandmother. As of late, however, pearl engagement rings have become modernized in a way that makes them incredibly cool and chicer than ever. Considering how everything in fashion comes back again, pearls endure through […]

Non-traditional Engagement Rings: What the Pearl Symbolizes

In my non-traditional engagement rings series thus far, we’ve covered those gems thought to be “precious” – meaning the diamond (introduced and detailed in the ruby post), ruby, sapphire, and emerald. However, many other “semi-precious” stones were long revered as extremely valuable throughout the years, and one such candidate for an ultra-chic and timeless engagement ring is the pearl. I […]

Best Wooden Wedding Rings

While a wood diamond engagement ring might not exactly seem conventional, it’s an more and more popular choice for several people. Using the costs of gold and silver being excessive, and the chance of diamonds along with other gemstones originating from conflict areas, a wood diamond engagement ring could be a great choice. It’s inexpensive, […]

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