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Buying a diamond ring is really a frightening business. Regardless if you are buying for the future fiancee or if you’re one from the 65% of brides who take part in the acquisition. In either case, it’s the abiding symbol of the most basic relationship of the existence. Would you like to make certain you understand it properly!

Today we’re likely to be focussing on what you ought to learn about buying an old-fashioned diamond engagement ring. Before we explore this there is a quick recap on a few details to become done! Since 75% of diamond engagement rings purchased possess a gemstone gem, here’s a fast rundown from the 4 important aspects to understand when choosing a diamond ring having a gemstone:




The standard, and for that reason value, of the gemstone is dependent upon four key elements referred to as 4 C’s.




A carat may be the unit of weight through which a gemstone is measured, with .2 grams equalling one carat, and the need for a gemstone rising tremendously to the size.




Most diamonds contain both outer and inner flaws, that are measured on the sliding scale and referred to as diamond’s clearness. Less flaws clearly mean more quality, but it’s worth noting that up to and including certain point flaws aren’t visible towards the eye, so purchasing a gemstone with flaws which are only visible within microscope can help to save a substantial amount of money!




Unlike what may appear apparent – this doesn’t really make reference to the precise colour of a gemstone (pink along with other colored diamonds are classified as fancy colored) but is really a sliding scale that refers back to the existence of yellow color in white-colored diamonds. The purer the colour white-colored the higher the value.




Once more, unlike what may appear apparent this doesn’t make reference to the form the gemstone continues to be reduce, however refers back to the excellence of the depth and size of the cut which have a big effect on a diamond’s sparkle and lustre. The greater the cut, the greater sparkle and greater value.


All trustworthy jewelers ought to be prepared to talk you thru some C’s of the gemstone, however if you simply need further assurance you are able to request to simply see “cert diamonds”. They are diamonds that include an accreditation to demonstrate their authenticity, most abundant in well-known certificate from the Gemological Institute of the usa. The GIA also offers an incredible iPhone application describing some C’s in greater detail, a very handy tool to possess when visiting jewelers!


Right! Using the gem lesson taken care of let’s explore why is antique diamond engagement rings different. The primary affect on design for antique diamond engagement rings may be the period once the ring is made. Each jewellery period features its own distinct style as well as way jewellery is made.



The Georgian period spans over the reign of 4 nobleman of England (George I – IV) from roughly 1714 1837. Buying jewellery out of this period ensures you’re going to get a really unique piece, just about all pieces were handcrafted by makers making before any mass production techniques were utilised.


Diamond engagement rings out of this period were heavily affected by nature, frequently crafted in to the shapes of leaves, wild birds as well as insects! Therefore if you’re a nature lover you’ll love designs in the Georgian period.



The Victorian period spans the reign of Queen Victoria of England, roughly 1836 1901. The Queen were built with a great passion for her family which romanticism demonstrated within the jewellery and diamond engagement rings from the period. Flowers, hearts, bows and wild birds were prominent as was the gem Opal, that the Queen would be a great admirer of.


Midway with the Victorian period, 1867 to become exact, huge gemstone mines were found in Nigeria and diamonds grew to become very popular. The invention of platinum in Russia as well as vast reserves of gold in California in 1849, permitted the diversification karat levels in gold, which makes it readily available and cheaper. A diamond ring out of this period will make sure a vintage romantic look, while still maintaining some natural influence so prominent within the Georgian period.



The Skill Nouveau period lasted from roughly 1890 – 1919, really encompassing the second Edwardian period. This era defined the turning from the last century and also the dawning of the modern day. Using the suffragette movement entirely pressure by 1900 the time celebrated the feminine form and free-flowing asymmetrical lines defined many pieces.


Design and craftsmanship of pieces was vital, and materials and gemstones required on the secondary importance. What this means is diamond engagement rings in the period possess some truly beautiful designs and artistry, while arriving a variety of materials and gemstones. If you like the style of the time and also have your heart focused on a specific stone, a great search should mean you’ll find the ideal ring!



Lasting from roughly 1895 1914, the Edwardian period was flanked by the skill Nouveau period, together with was based on incredibly high amounts of craftsmanship. Hearing aid technology reign of King Edward of England and the Danish bride designs were frequently more elegant, with fine filigree work popular. Unlike the skill Nouveau period which used a multitude of materials and gemstones, diamonds and platinum were an order during the day for that Edwardian period.


Delicate and cosmopolitan designs defined diamond engagement rings from the period and if you want to choose a elegant look, then you definitely can’t fail here.




The Skill Deco period lasted from roughly 1920 – 1935 and marked an enormous transfer of style. While previous periods frequently stored same stylistic elements the skill Deco period was marked by vibrant colours and sharp straight lines. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires were the preferred gemstones and were conspicuously utilized in diamond engagement rings.


The time was based on the liberation from the jazz era and popular culture heavily influenced the edginess from the jewellery. If you are a sucker for big retro style and also have always had a real love for jazz a skill Deco diamond engagement ring could hold an especially special meaning for you personally.




The Retro period lasted from roughly 1935 – 1950 and it was marked through the Great Depression and The Second World War. Platinum was wasn’t open to jewelers during this period and artificial rubies and sapphires grew to become popular. Designs grew to become chunky and square and illusion settings – giving the look of a bigger stone – grew to become famous diamond engagement rings, reflecting the poverty of shoppers at that time.


A few of the more famous makers for example Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels made their mark around the jewellery world during this time period. As a result diamond engagement rings in the Retro period are bold and when you’re keen on a few of the more famous jewellery brands, you will find a selection of looks which were popular inside the Hollywood elite at that time.


Where You Can BUY?


It may seem buying an old-fashioned diamond engagement ring or estate jewellery means visiting independent antique jewellery shops personally, even though there’s no replacement for seeing the product you’re buying with your personal eyes before purchase, this isn’t the only method to get it done. Nowadays there are numerous websites where independent jewelers list their stock – for example Etsy, Libertons, and first Dibs – enabling you to research jewelers’ stock just before organizing appointments with see diamond engagement rings personally, saving money and time.


The vital factor when purchasing a diamond ring is you feel at ease putting on it. This is a diamond ring you put on throughout your existence, so make certain you receive something that best suits you. Antique ring styles span a lot of looks, materials and gemstones, by understanding what period suits your thing and spending some time to analyze options online you are able to narrow your research lower and extremely save your time to sharpen in your dream ring. Couple this understanding by having an knowledge of some C’s and just what questions you should ask a jewelry expert when choosing, and you’ll make sure to get a top quality ring that you could enjoy for life!

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