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Admired by brides, halo diamond engagement rings really are a signature type of Ritani. Halo rings have a central round stone encircled with a “halo” of smaller sized diamonds or gemstones. This setting not just looks gorgeous, it offers benefits that lots of couples desire. For instance, halo settings can produce a center stone idolize half a carat bigger, and that means you can pick a smaller sized stone without having to sacrifice perceived size. Beyond its visual appearance, the halo diamond engagement ring was inspired by architecture and art movements. Ever wondered a brief history from the halo diamond engagement ring?

Good reputation for the Halo Ring


The halo diamond engagement ring is growing in recognition recently. Its origins can really be tracked dating back to the first Georgian era (1714-1837) in Europe, where round diamonds or pearls only slightly smaller sized compared to center stone were utilised. Halo diamond engagement rings saw a rise in recognition within the Victorian times (1837-1901), which frequently were built with a colored jewel center gemstones to mimic flowers.


What we should say is the classic halo setting nowadays has its own origins within the Art Deco Era from the 1920s. The Skill Deco movement incorporated a focus on symmetry and geometric patterns. The concentric circles surrounding a middle stone were ideal for Art Deco appearance. Although the concept of surrounding a middle stone along with other gemstones hasn’t gone from style, the classic halo setting went interior and exterior fashion since its initial emergence within the 1920s.


Like many the latest fashions, diamond engagement ring recognition ebbs and flows using the socio-economic tides. Opulence fell from fashion throughout the Great Depression, and thus too did the halo. The halo emerged throughout the Hollywood Glamour (1930s-1940s) period, however dwindled in recognition as World war 2 started and sources increased scarce. Then, once more, the halo were built with a small resurgence within the 1960s when art deco diamond engagement ring styles returned into recognition. Once again, the halo fell from style: couple of halo styles existed through the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.


The Ritani Influence

As you may know, the halo in the current incarnation has been available since the mid-1900s. Other jewelers had versions from the halo in early twentieth century using bigger gemstones round the center stone to produce a flower motif.


In 1999, Ritani saw an excuse for something quite different. Ritani was among the first jewelers to make use of 1mm to at least one.5mm diamonds within the halo of diamond engagement rings. This design produced a glance that highlighted the middle stone making it look bigger, instead of searching a flower such as the vintage pieces of history. Ritani presently holds a copyright on the signature halo setting.


Halo Diamond Engagement Rings Today

Today, halos with smaller sized diamonds surrounding one large center stone have surged in recognition and may accommodate any gemstone or jewel shape a few wants, still similar to the original architectural types of the skill Deco movement however with modern flair. Halos still evolve into bold shapes and asymmetrical patterns, including double-halos and our vintage-inspired diamond engagement rings.


Ritani Halo rings are our most widely used setting choice, with valid reason:


    The halo is a straightforward method to make any center stone look bigger


    They provide bold and dramatic sparkle with the help of pave gemstones


    They complement a number of gemstone shapes


    They provide a contemporary and timeless twist on the popular vintage diamond engagement ring style


How to decide on the Perfect Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


When looking for the right halo, there are a handful of important things to consider. First, choose which halo shape fits your needs. A round gemstone, for instance, will appear different (bigger!) when occur a cushion-formed halo. An angled shape, like a hexagonal halo, brings a far more vintage finish towards the ring. For a much more dramatic look, choose a double halo setting.

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